Buyers Advantage Step Three



Explained Further

The Online Search: Once you’ve determined what you can realistically afford, the fun part begins! Shopping for houses! As your buyer’s agent, we will be sending you properties on the market that fit your criteria: not only budget, but many other factors such as, size, locations, amenities, conditions, etc.. This is typically done through accessing your MLS Portal. Utilizing the MLS over syndicated 3rd-party websites means you are guaranteed accurate information and a clean line of communication between us and you when it comes to researching properties.

Touring/Showing Homes: Once we identify homes that you want to see, we will communicate getting out for a private showing. Some homes require no notice to show, others require 24 hours, and there are ones in between. Homes in the market generally move quickly, so seeing them in person quickly is usually ideal so that we can move on an offer if it fits!

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