Buyers Advantage Step Five



Explained Further

Once you’ve found the perfect property it’s time to put in an offer.

Offers are placed by submitting a purchase agreement with a preapproval letter, 
as well as our presentation of your offer highlighting the strong points and selling YOU on your strengths as a buyer.

Things to think about when submitting an offer are terms like: price, closing costs credits, mortgage contingency, home sale contingency, 
closing and possession timelines, as well as provisions like appraisal gap or inspection waivers. All of these factors will make your offer stronger or weaker;
we will discuss each to make sure your offer or subsequent counter offers get accepted.
Once you make the offer, there are one of three things that will happen:
1. They Accept the Offer
We are under contract and immediately begin moving forward with all the things that need to be done prior to closing 
(i.e. scheduling an inspection, continue the mortgage process, etc..)

2. They Counter-Offer the Offer
They want to make a deal happen but have countered your offer with changed terms. This could mean a higher price, a different set of dates,
or some sort of change in other terms. You can choose to accept their counter, or continue to negotiate.

3. They Reject the Offer

They don’t want to make a deal happen. This is more rare in today’s market, but if they absolutely think your offer was absurd
and don’t want to try and come to a compromise, or they aren’t truly motivated to sell.

Once we’ve come to an agreement, the contract and all disclosures that are required will be executed by all parties, and we will be ready to move forward!

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