Buyers Advantage Step Eight



Explained Further

The Closing Day is finally here!

A few things to remember: put utilities into your name beginning on that day. We will typically schedule a final walk-thru of the property.
You are here to make sure the property is in broom swept and clean condition, any repairs have been made
(if you haven’t inspected those already) and that there is no damage since you last were in the home.

You’ll need to coordinate with the title company and lender on any funds due at closing, whether you are wiring the funds or bringing a cashier’s check to closing.
Bring your driver's license or other government issued ID. Finally, be prepared to sign a lot of documents,
but when you’re done and the title company has recorded the deed with the county, YOU ARE OFFICIALLY A HOMEOWNER! 

As for your post-closing experience, we are still here to serve you as your REALTORS and FRIENDS. If you have any questions or concerns, we will be here.
We look forward to seeing you prosper and grow in your home and develop a relationship for life with you.

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